Official Web Page of Donora Borough. 

The Donora Digital Collection Donora, PA: From its Origins to the Nationwide Case for Clean Air.

Health Article Available on PubMed: Investigation of the Smog Incident in Donora, Pa., and Vicinity, James G. Townsend, 1949. 

The Donora Smog is mentioned in the "Brief History of the Clean Air Act" section of the EPA publication "The Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act". 

The Environmental Protection Agency lists the Donora Smog as an inspiration for current Clean Air Research efforts. 

Donora documentary wins Emmy - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 

The documentary Rumor of Blue Sky chronicles the 1948 smog tragedy in Donora, Pennsylvania. DVD available for purchase. 

Unveiling a Museum, a Pennsylvania Town Remembers the Smog That Killed 20 - 

Smog Deaths In 1948 Led To Clean Air Laws : NPR. 

The Donora Smog Museum opening and speech on YouTube. 

The Pennsylvania Center for the Book - Donora Smog. 

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